Body And Face Reshaping Principle

It is important to take care of your image, especially if your mirror reveals a body full of blemishes and a face devoid of tone, marked by sagging. When the muscles start to melt from 40, 50, or even 60, it is never too late to get started with the remodeling solution. We are talking today about facial gymnastics, just like body gymnastics. It is just a progressive work on the silhouette of the face, its shape, and tone.


Facial modeling

Facial modeling is an aesthetic treatment offered in an institute, in the spa as well as in thermal centers and establishments. It is the beautician, who takes care of the modeling of the face, in order to relax the facial muscles and smooth the features and get a good glow.

Facial modeling is carried out with a relaxing oil or cream. It is, therefore, a matter of a few gentle touches, circular movements, and light pressure on target areas of the face. Besides the face, it can even include the scalp. Thus the temples, browbones, ears, and chin, must all receive meticulous and precise gestures. The eyes will also be massaged with the intention of releasing eye tension through pressure and scanning of the fingers.

Body shaping

Body shaping refers to all the maneuvers performed by state-certified beauticians, on the skin of the body and face, for aesthetic and comfort purposes. The massage techniques used are purely therapeutic, exercised by health professionals, such as physiotherapists.


There are many causes of sagging facial contours. The main cause of sagging skin is genetics. Indeed, age is the main factor responsible for a blurred face due to a slowdown in the production of collagen and elastin.

Hormonal variation can also cause faster facial sagging, as is the case during menopause.

Other factors can precipitate this process and contribute to aging the face. This is the case, for example, when a poor diet or excessive weight gain is observed. In fact, a healthy diet keeps skin firm and elastic. Stress can also affect the aging of the skin and sagging skin. The sun, in particular UV rays, contributes to the destruction of collagen and prevents its production. Thus, prolonged exposure to the sun can precipitate the appearance of wrinkles and more blurred contours of the face. Tobacco is also an aggravating factor for sagging face. Indeed, certain substances contained in cigarettes have a negative effect on the skin resulting in sagging and thinning, but also a significant increase in wrinkles on the forehead.

Are there any side effects?

For products like Botox and hyaluronic acid, the patient may have cases of skin allergies, such as redness and itching. Necrosis, delayed healing, or redness may appear on the skin. If the facial skin is sensitive, it is possible to have tingling or burning sensations. Rare cases can occur, such as psoriasis, eczema, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Chin, neck, these areas of the face deemed difficult to treat can today be reshaped, thanks to “gentle methods” of aesthetic medicine.