Cosmetic surgery: should we say what we did?

There is indeed a hierarchy of politically correct surgical. And she is very weird. In fact, everything depends on the area of ​​the body operated on, and the age one has. Here, from my experience, is the ranking of the easiest interventions to relate:

Ear gluing

Everyone doesn’t care, at any age.

The nose operation

 The younger it is practiced, the more people suspect the worst (harmful influence from Instagram or, worse, from the mother). After 22-23 years, rhinoplasty is better accepted but arouses heard smiles like her pretty nose is cheating. And we have no right to cheat. Except with our hair color, our makeup, our flattering clothes, or our heels. There, it’s OK, But the harmony of a face must be given to you directly by the good Lord. Without that, it is necessary to live with our complexes until death. Yep. Most rhinoplasty specialists in Florida agree that this procedure is safe as long as an experienced surgeon is doing the work. Learn more about rhinoplasty here.

Breast repair

As with the nose, the young subject is immediately suspected of being complexed by a toxic environment. On the other hand, breast augmentation/reduction is well accepted after childbirth as a form of “reparation” that the young mother would have deserved (preferably post-breastfeeding). Come back, Simone de Beauvoir!

Eyelid printing

If, after the age of 45, everything that you confess to having done to your body will be held against you (the suspicion of being a poor neurotic who refuses the passage of time is immediate), curiously, the blepharoplasty is rather good accepted. Probably because it is reputed to be “a small operation which is content to restore the look as it was.” Translate, it’s barely cheating, so it’s OK.

The facelift

There, we change gear. The facelift is a bit like the Armageddon of public reprobation. It’s very strange, because here too it is a question of refreshing a face as it was five to ten years ago. But if the eyes pass, the oval, it does not pass. Why? Because people want old women who look old, with faces that look more like knees every day. Why? Because people are crazy, of course. While God knows what it takes courage to enter an operating room where you will cut your skin from the neck to the temples to staple it three inches behind, the facelift is not for wimps, but, instead of congratulating those who have the guts to go, we make fun of them. Most women, cornered by the confession, get out of it most often, saying that they have done a “half-facelift.” “Foul” half confessed; therefore, half forgave?